How to Lose Weight and Still Eat | The Diet Plan for Weight Loss

The Diet Plan for Weight LossFollowing the diet plan for weight loss is a way of sticking to a certain meal plan. I’ve learned that losing weight is not a matter of refraining from eating certain types of foods.

Thus, it involves planning what type of food and when to eat it. This means that it’s necessary to track the amount of calorie intake.

What Is a Calorie Tracker?

To be precise, having a calorie tracker could greatly help in a weight loss mission.  A calorie tracker includes having a  food diary, healthy recipe, exercise plan, calorie counting and a  daily diet plan for weight loss.

In a way, a calorie tracker is just another way of calorie counting using various means. A Free daily calorie counter app can be obtained an online store such as Amazon or through your app store.

So, What is a Calorie?

It is energy required by the body to stimulate its functioning. Without calories, then its organs wouldn’t function.

Our body requires a standard amount of calories (around 1500 to 2000) beyond which it starts gaining fat. Therefore, this calorie amount could be less or more depending on the individual!

If you’re not into using devices and apps to tracker your calories, free calorie counting chart, calorie counting calculator and digital nutrition scale work just as well. Of course there are also calorie counting books for your convenience.

What Is a Negative Calorie Diet?

Negative CalorieLosing weight requires us to burn more calories than we consume. Engaging in a negative calorie diet could help in our diet plan for weight loss.

It’s that food which requires more energy to digest than the amount of energy it provides.  Such foods include but not limited to fruits (i.e lime, apple, kiwi, watermelon)  and vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, endive,…).

Also beverages such as green tea and coffee naturally contain zero calories, making the body to produce heat.

Here is a free negative calorie diet plan that you can start using now! Use the daily calorie tracker and count your calories stress-free.

The Pros and Cons of Using a Calorie Tracker

The Good:

  • It helps us to stick to the right plan

Calorie TrackerAlthough I wouldn’t advise on using calorie tracking for long, it helps us in sticking to the right amount and type of food. It’s our nature to divert from a plan if there isn’t a guide or a plan to follow. Tracking our daily food intake could help in developing a daily routine diet.

  • Helps us in knowing the amount of food to take on a daily basis.

A calorie tracker enables us to know the amount we should take.  For example, proteins contain high levels of calories. Taking much of protein leads to increase in the body calories and hence leads to gaining weight. It enables us to know how much of them we should ingest to avoid gaining excess weight.

  • Makes us more conscious of our diet

Having something that facilitates us in knowing when we take much or less of a nutrient is useful. We become more concerned on what type and amount of food we take. Remember, unhealthy eating habits can lead to many conditions such as constipation and other various diseases.


  • Calorie tracking is not sustainable for long

Following a strict schedule could be monotonous and finally diverting from it. This means that if I stop using it, then I may regain my weight.

  • Can Lead to losing the nutritional value of food

We fail to include highly nutritious food in the daily plan for weight loss. This is because such foods bring in high amount of calories, making us lose the focus on eating a well-balanced, nutritious food.

  • It brings in unnecessary stress

Looking for the right kind of food to take is stressful. It’s even more stressful when you have to calculate calorie intake during the diet plan for weight loss.

Who Benefits From Using Calorie Tracker

Progressive watching and recording of food portions taken during the plan for weight loss is the way towards a successful weight loss.

Also, it’s good to involve a dietitian in the diet plan for weight loss. As a dietitian contains the right information on the right nutrients for losing weight.

Does a Calorie Tracker Work?

It works on following the right diet plan. Staying a daily calorie target and engaging in exercise activities will bring out the desired results.

Are There Any Calorie Tracker Complaints?

It is good to use if you’re able to keep tracker of the daily calorie intake. The problem comes in when you stop using the tracker.

I tried using a calorie tracker for a year when I stopped using the tracker; I started gaining weight back.

Is the Product Worth The Money?

Using a calorie tracker is beneficial for a person who strictly counts on their daily calorie intake. I found it worth during the year I used it in my daily diet.

Bear in minds that in most cases these are affordable devices or simply inexpensive app that work effectively.

Is a Calorie Tracker Any Good

A calorie tracker is good during the diet plan for weight loss. It helps in keeping tracker of our daily diet. Nonetheless, it could be harmful if a dietician is not involved.

Is There a Product Support?

Platforms such as MyFitnessSPal and Everyday Health provide us with the opportunity to draw our day to day diet inspiration.

What to Eat When On a Diet?

Some of the most weight loss friendly foods include:

Whole eggs, leafy greens, salmon, boiled potatoes, beans and legumes, lean beef, avocados, apple cider vinegar, nuts, whole grains and pepper.  Fruit or vegetable smoothies are very easy to make and are handy on the go.

How to Eat Healthily?

Eating a well-balanced diet that contains proteins such as fish, vitamins from green veggies, carbohydrates, fats and natural oils is healthy.

How Do you Plan Meals to Remain Healthy?

Here is a good plan for the diet plan for weight loss:

  1. Cut portions of each type of food
  2. Meal should contain lost of vegetables, fruits and few proteins
  3. Eat leafy greens (salads if you will)
  4. Drink water in between meals, before and after a meal
  5. Eliminate / minimize processed foods consumption

Check out these 10 foods that help you lose weight in the waistline….

Now let’s put everything we just talked about in summary, so here is a low carb diet menu sample for your health…

The Diet Plan for Weight Loss Menu Sample

Breakfast: various fruits (berries, apples) oatmeal and egg

Lunch: Nuts (such as almonds, cashews, walnuts), chicken or yogurt with veggies

Dinner: Steak or salmon with vegetables.

There are many ways to lose weight naturally healthy. Meaning, you can learn how to lose weight and still eat what you love! -:)

Everything is practical! It initially may be a challenge but we all can do it.

The Take Away Here Is…

At the end of the day, keep in mind that a calorie is a calorie. Therefore, anything that we put into our body that does not get used by the body is stored in form of fat!  Period!

My personal tip: Ditch that chair and get moving!

What has been your experience with weight loss and calorie counting/tracking? Help fellow other readers and share this post on the diet plan for weight loss.


6 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight and Still Eat | The Diet Plan for Weight Loss

  1. Thanks for letting me know that there is a negative calorie diet. I never know that it exists. I think it is a good idea to use a calorie tracker to track on our intake of food. I should start to plan for my daily meal so that I’m able to reduce my belly fat.

    Thanks for your advice!

    1. Of course Ong! Negative calories are found in many food and drinks that we consume. Definitely check out calorie tracker and make sure you start eating foods that help reduce the waistline.

      And of course you’re welcome!

      Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Hey there! I’m a little bit overweight and I’m looking for a way to lose weight. I’ve been working out lately but I don’t feel like I’m losing weight. But after I read your article I think I know what my problem is. I eat a lot of unhealthy food that gives a lot of calorie. I will try to lessen my calorie intake to lose some weight. Thank you for sharing this information.

    1. Hello there Rico-

      Glad to hear that you’re working out and looking for better ways to shed some weight. There is no quick fix to losing weight but you’re definitely in the right track.

      Aerobic activities such as running/jogging, swimming are great ways to burn calories fast. Of course you can’t go wrong with reducing calorie consumption and eating healthier foods.

      Thank you for your comment. Keep pushing to reach your goal weight.

      You can do it and I am cheering for you!

  3. Hello and thanks for sharing never have I seen in a day in which we live where there are so many people that are concern about keeping their weight under control and this is a good thing. Your post is really great and has tons of great information on this topic that I know will help your readers.Good job.

    1. Thank you much Norman.  The rate the obesity level has reached especially in the developed countries is very scary. I want the audience to take away few point from reading my blog and take actions. 

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