How to Choose the Best Essential Oil Diffusers

 Best Essential Oil Diffusers

Well, you might have heard of oil diffusers or even used them.  But do you know exactly what they are, their benefits and who should use them?  This article highlights and discusses everything you need to know about essential oil diffusers.  I am going to expose the top 5 best essential oil diffusers (the best reviewed & selling ones on Amazon) that you can purchase today.  Enjoy!

What Is an Oil Diffuser?

Oil diffurers are relatively small devices that are used for dispersing essential oils into the surrounding environment.

As a result, they’re used for aromatherapy and therapeutic processes. In most cases, they are used to add fragrance to the surrounding air.

Oil diffusers work by breaking the essential oil into microscopic particles which disperse into the air. These particles are now in the air that we breath.  Once we inhale the air, the tiny oil particles get in our blood streams.

Why Use Oil Diffusers?

Apart from just enhancing the environment, oil diffusers are of great value to our health.  They serve both therapeutic and aesthetic purposes.  The product of these oil diffusers involves science and art as well.Use essential oil diffuser

Below I have listed for you the top  benefits of using essential oil diffusers.

  • Refine and disinfect the air against all forms of bacteria, visuses, and pathogens
  • They spread a sweet fragrance all around
  • Oil diffusers are also known for stress and anxiety reduction
  • Generally, essential oil diffusers offer a natural and positive health aura
  • Essential oil diffusers set that romantic mood for aromatherapy

I cannot forget to address its great health and wellness benefits.  They can also be used for therapeutic disinfection.

Personally, I started to use essential oils diffuser because of very dry skin I was having during long winter months.

Who Benefits From Using Essential Oil Diffusers?

We have seen the benefits of using oil diffusers,  but who gains these benefits? In simple terms, I’m going to put it this way. Anyone who smells with the fragrance of the essential oils benefits from the diffuser.

Remember, we only benefit from these diffusers when the essential oil get into our bodies.  Hence, use essential oils diffuser to rip all the benefits.

Can Anyone Use Oil Diffusers?

Yes! Anyone can use an oil  diffuser. It has no limitation of age in fact, it’s safe to use oil diffusers even in baby rooms.

This is because oil diffusers use different essential oils. So if the essential oil fed into the diffuser is pleasant and serves its purpose, then go ahead and use it.

Oil Diffusers Vs. Humidifiers

Okay, oil diffusers add fragrance in the surrounding air while humidifiers keep the air most.  Both of these devices have health benefits attached to them, but which one should you go for?

The volatility of the essential oils makes oil diffusers far much better than humidifiers.

Have in mind that humidifiers only make the air humid.  Moist and a little bit dense air is the only thing you get from humidifiers.

I think it is for this reason that I see some people trying to use essential oils in their humidifiers. Anyway, the following are best essential oils diffusers.

Top 5 Best Essential Oil Diffusers

Choosing the best essential oil diffuser to match your needs perfectly can be hectic or land you in a dilemma.  Right?

Therefore, I have prepared you the top 5 best essential oil diffusers that you can purchase from Amazon. These top 5 best essential oil diffusers are selected based on a combination of the following: personal experience, top ratings from customers who bought and used them and of course best selling rank.

Thus rest assured that an Amazon essential oil diffuser is among the best in the market.

  1. URPOWER 2nd version Essential Oil Diffuser

First in our list is the URPOWER 2nd version. This is an upgrade version of the Urpower essential oil diffuser.

It offers an ideal way of making air comfortable in small rooms. It’s best for bedrooms, hotel rooms, and workplace cubicles.  Besides, it has been packed with stunning features that will leave you insane.


Stylish Look: URPOWER spent enough time to make sure their second generation oil diffuser gives an impressive look beside your bed. Its look will definitely catch your eyes!

Attributes a seven color changing lamp with nightlight adjustment – with this aspect you have the privilege from seven different colors to light your room.

Auto shut-off: URPOWER will power off automatically in case the water runs out.

Large capacity: its spacious tank holds 100 Ml (milliliter) of water that lasts for six working hours.

Durable: URPOWER has been constructed from PP hard plastic. Does this not assure you of quality and durability?

Whisper: quiet operation – its operation is silent.

Packed with two adjustable mist settings : these two settings include continuous and intermittent

Pocket friendly price

2. Radha Beauty Essential Oil Diffuser 7 colors

Next in our list of the top best essential oil diffusers is the Radha Beauty. This diffuser transforms the mixture of essential oils and water into a remarkable experience.

It’s most suitable for homes,office, yoga, bedroom, and spa. Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics that Radha Beauty has to offer.


    • Low water level auto cut off
    • 100 mL of continuous operation
    •  Colorful changing LED lamp with light control
    • Impressive design
    • Relatively small size for enhanced portability

3. URPOWER 500 mL Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier with 4-Timer Settings

Still looking for a great oil diffuser?  URPOWER 500 ml Aromatherapy could make the perfect deal for you.  It is a 3 in 1 oil diffuser with amazing features that make it stand tall.


    • 3 in 1 functions – diffuser, aromatherapy, and humidifier
    • Equipped with an advanced ultrasonic diffusing technology
    • Large 500 ml water capacity that makes the URPOWER Aromatherapy run for 10 hours
    • Water-less auto shut-off
    • Features 7 LED color changing lamps
    • 4 timer settings

4. VicTsing 300 ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Ultrasonic Humidifier for Room, Office, Home, Bedroom, Yoga, Spa

Next on our list is VicTsing 300 ml Aromatherapy.  It is an amazing oil diffuser with remarkable qualities.

Some of its features are:

    • Unique design
    • Great mist output
    • Large capacity
    • Adjustable LED light
    • Super quiet
    • 4 timer settings
    • 10 hours of operation

VicTsing 300 ml Aromatherapy will make the perfect choice for Yoga or use in your home.  It has been carefully constructed using a traditional design.

5. VicTsing 300 ml Aroma Essential oil Diffuser, Wood Grain Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Office Home Bedroom Living Room Study Yoga Spa

Let’s conclude our list with the VicTsing 300 ml Aroma. This oil diffuser is much similar to the VicTsing 300 Aromatherapy that have previously discussed.Best essential oil diffusers

Its features include:

  • Unique and compact design
  • Large capacity (300 ml)
  • Excellent mist output
  • Super quiet
  • 4 timer settings
  • 7 color adjustable LED light

This oil diffuser also highlights a traditional compact design that makes it more presentable.  It is ideal for Yoga, study, living room, office and bedroom.

Pros and Cons of Oil Diffusers

While I was testing these oil diffusers, I realized the following pros and cons about them.


  • Cleanses the air
  • Affects the mood
  • Carry health benefits
  • Elevates spirit energy
  • Alleviates both mind and body fatigue


  • The best devices are costly, but they are worth it.
  • Some of these devices come with indicator lights that can disturb your sleep
    • The light can be turned off though
  • Some of the diffusers have a noisy operation

Product Warranty

Any of these best essential oils diffuser has 30 days or more money back to 24 months warranty. For more details and updates on product warranty, visit the manufacture’s webpage.


Our bodies need time to absorb the essential oils. For this reason, it is important to use oil diffusers with timer settings.

Essential oils are sold separately.

They will help you disperse the essential oil in pulses. Also, it is necessary to clean these devices at least once a week.

Final Genuine Thoughts on Oil Of Essential Diffusers

We have discussed much about the best essential oil diffusers and exposed the top 5 diffusers for essential oils.

Looking at their health benefits, we can say that every home needs to have at least one oil diffuser. If you need any excellent essential oil diffuser, I believe you now know what choice to go for so go ahead and order one now.

I am always striving for improvement hence please go ahead and share your comments and questions down below.

4 thoughts on “How to Choose the Best Essential Oil Diffusers

  1. I’ve been looking into buying a diffuser lately, but my main concern is my feline friend. Do these ones heat up at all and are they stable enough to withstand the curiosity of a cat? Thank you!

    1. Shirley, none of these essential Oil diffusers should heat up and they come in different sizes. Personally, I would not put an oil diffuser within the reach of children or pets. Because you never know what can happen and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

      Thank you!

  2. I totally want to buy the VicTsing! My boyfriend and I have something where we light a candle underneath the essential oil that we pour on the top and it works well and we love it but I am really sold on the way the VicTsing looks and of course all of its properties. Thanks so much for this review 🙂

    1. Definitely go for VicTsing essential Oil diffuser. Please be sure to come back and share your experience the device.

      Thank you Manika!

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