How to Lose Weight and Still Eat | The Diet Plan for Weight Loss

The Diet Plan for Weight LossFollowing the diet plan for weight loss is a way of sticking to a certain meal plan. I’ve learned that losing weight is not a matter of refraining from eating certain types of foods.

Thus, it involves planning what type of food and when to eat it. This means that it’s necessary to track the amount of calorie intake.

What Is a Calorie Tracker?

To be precise, having a calorie tracker could greatly help in a weight loss mission.  A calorie tracker includes having a  food diary, healthy recipe, exercise plan, calorie counting and a  daily diet plan for weight loss.


How to Use Essential Oils For Healing

Guide to Essential Oils and Their Uses

Essential oils have gained global recognition due to their wide range of use.

In fact, essential oils have long been the basis for herbal medication, herbal additives, beauty care as well as therapeutic and aromatic applications. The little research that I have conducted shows me that their use is not new.

The essence of essential oil as a healing agent has a long-standing history throughout the history of humankind. Together with other botanicals, these oil have been used in wellness practices as early as 5000 years ago.


How to Use Neti Pot for Nasal Irrigation?

Neti Pot Review

Do you suffer from nasal, clogging, sinus symptoms or just want to clean your nasal passage? Don’t worry, all you need is to use Neti Pot for a regular nasal irrigation. So, what does a Neti pot do, exactly?

Allow me to introduce you an ancient technique of nasal irrigation that will leave your nasal cavity clear.

Long before steroids and decongestants, people have been using the Neti pot to clean their nasal passage.  This post originated from India as part of Ayurvedic yoga.