Garmin Vivo Fit Fitness Tracker |Tips and Review

Doctors and even nutritionists will always advise you to keep record of the fitness activities. These records help set new goals and thus improving your health. So, with an activity tracker, you can easily monitor your daily activities and save the data to your phone or computer. In this article, we’re going to discuss the Garmin Vivo Fit Fitness Tracker.

Garmin Vivo Fit Fitness TrackerWhat Is an Activity Tracker?

Product NameGarmin Vivo Fit Fitness Tracker

Price: $ 50 -$120

Suited For: Kids to seniors

Recommend (or Not): Recommended

Overall Ranking: 4.0/5

The activity tracker is a small wearable electronic device designed to track and monitor your fitness-related activities. This  device is also known as a fitness tracker. It keeps track of activities such as distance walked or run and calories burnt.

Some activity tracker can capture the quality of sleep, heartbeat, and the active versus inactive minutes.

How Does a Fitness Tracker Work

For best results, it is important you understand how the device works. Hence, know that all fitness trackers rely on one technology, the accelerometer. This accelerometer which has been engineered to detect the very tiny motions is customized for the human body activities.

Depending on the manufacturer, the tracker can be attached anywhere on the body.  For instance, it can be placed in the pocket or clipped onto a shoe, belt and bra. Also, it can be worn around the wrist or neck.

The fitness tracker is always ready to be used. You can set daily goals such as how many miles you want to run or walk. I personally try to do 10,000 or more steps every day. However, health experts are now urging people to take at least 15,000 plus steps on a daily basis.

If your aim is to improve your overall health, the fitness tracker helps you get there and stay in line. Of course adding foods that keep your waist slim go along way.  It’s all true that you can lose weight and still eat what you want – so long as you do that in moderation. Detox Smoothies are also a great addition.

How to Buy an Activity Tracker?

Now that you cannot afford to miss out the services of a fitness tracker, purchasing one is very simple.  Just dash into an online or physical store and grab one.

Thus far, you know where to find one but do you know how to choose the right one for you?  Well, it’s simple! All you need to consider when buying a tracker device is its features. Below, I have listed the features you should look for.

Features to Look for When Purchasing an Activity Tracker

(1) Product Design

Garmin Vio Fit Fitness Tracker packageThe design of the tracker matters a lot. A fitness tracker with a great design should be impressive, lightweight and comfortable to use. Be sure to go for the design that pleases you and that fits your activities best. Case in point, a wrist fitness tracker will do well for swimming and jogging.

(2) Capability

After finding a tracker with the design that you want, now frisk it to find its capabilities. Make sure it matches your activities and has all the elements you’re looking for.

(3) Connectivity

If you need to save your fitness record and maybe share it with a doctor, then; connectivity is your game. You need a tracker that connects to a smartphone or computer. This aspect enables you to save and keep track of your fitness documentation.

(4) Display

A perfect fitness tracker uses batteries that are not available in local stores. Therefore, to save yourself from trouble, choose a tracking device with a battery that guarantees more than a year.

(6) Smart features

These are the extraordinary capabilities that the manufacturer has incorporated.  They include traits like waterproof, sleep monitoring, and altitude change recognition.

All right, you now know what a fitness tracker is, how it works and how to buy one.  Let us then discuss the Garmin waterproof fitness tracker and wee how you can plan, save and share your progress.

Product Design

The design of this product is incredibly awesome!  It is a watch-like wristband that is lightweight, slim and impressing to look at. It also features a unique buckle that is adjustable to various sizes.

The Features of Garmin Waterproof Fitness Tracker

  • Easy to read display

Its display is easy to read and interpret.  However, no back-light has been included on the display, therefore prolonging the battery life.

  • Long life battery

Don’t mind about the battery life. Garmin assures you a 1 year warranty

  • Auto goal feature

This waterproof fitness tracker considers your activities and automatically sets a daily goal for you. To help you reach your daily steps target, it also features a “time to move” notification.

  • Monitor your sleep

By keeping track and recording your movements while asleep, the Garmin Vivo Fit monitors how well you sleep.

  • Waterproof

This feature steals the show! Alongside showering with the device around your wrist, you can swim with it up to 50 meters deep.

  • Heartbeat tracking

When connected to a heart rate monitor, the Garmin waterproof fitness tracker is able to track your heartbeat.  To achieve this, you need an ANT Plus heart rate monitor which is basically a chest strap.

  • Garmin connect

With the Garmin Connect App, the Garmin vivo fit sync and save your data to your computer or smart phone.

Pros and Cons of Using Garmin Vivo Fit Fitness Tracker

While I was testing and using the Garmin Vivo Fit fitness tracker, I realized the following pros and cons:


  1. Impressive design
  2. 24/7 follow up
  3. Light and comfortable to wear all day long
  4. 100% waterproof
  5. Automatically sets a daily goal for you
  6. Very effective heartbeat tracking
  7. Easy control, only one button


  1. No back-light
  2. Does not vibrate
  3. Not compatible with other heart rate monitors

Who Is the Garmin Fitness Tracker Best For?

The Garmin waterproof fitness tracker is an excellent activity tracker with stunning characteristics. It has no age limit and is literally ideal for anyone who wants to save and monitor health-based activities.

However, those wanting to lose weight naturally can track their daily steps and calorie count may benefit the most from this fitness activity tracker.

Therefore it is one of the best activity trackers for women and men as well. Additionally, it’s the best activity tracker to buy because it is well priced and affordable.

Hence, it will definitely make a great deal for people who engage in sweaty outdoor activities like jogging, swimming and aerobics.

Is a Fitness Tracker Worth It?

The device averages $70 on Amazon. This can be expensive to somebody who wants a simple tracker but cheaper to someone looking for an excellent tracker.

Considering its features and capabilities, it is worth the price tag.

Product Support

The Garmin Vivo Fit fitness tracker is a rechargeable tracker manufactured by Garmin. If you experience any trouble using the device, you can find help from their support desk at Also, a Garmin vivo fit manual can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.

Final Verdict

Well, activity trackers provide the best way to monitor your health progress. It will be a good idea to go for the Garmin waterproof fitness tracker.

It’s durable, excellent and packed with stunning quality! So Get your Garmin Vivo Fit Fitness Tracker today!

What has your experience been with the Garmin Vivo Fit Fitness Tracker?  Post your thoughts /comments down below then share with others in your reach.


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